The Problem With “Not Thinking About It”

When we tell someone who has endured a trauma to “not think about it,” we are actually (and likely unintentionally) dissuading them from healing. By not processing abuse, victims not only are at a higher risk for revictimization, but they can also become extremely ill — mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Child-on-Child Sexual Assault: Healing Old Wounds

I’d ask myself, “What is wrong with you?” And I wished I could say, “Nothing is wrong.” But I knew better.

Why I Connect With Others on a Deeper Level

I’ve never been great at talking. OK, ask my dad or best friends or boyfriend, and they’d probably say otherwise, because to the right people, I can talk an ear off. I can drain on for hours about politics or philosophy or mental health; but ask me what I’ve been up to or how myContinue reading “Why I Connect With Others on a Deeper Level”