About Sammi Says

Sammi Says started as an outlet for my musings, but has progressed into a platform that shares others’ stories and sheds light on important topics, from mental illness to health and wellness.

If you’d like to write your own narrative, be interviewed for a feature, or submit a topic, feel free to contact me!

14 thoughts on “About Sammi Says

  1. Am glad I came across your Blog. Was searching to read on something about CSR and that how i found this blog. And am impressed with the topics you have covered.

    Be blessed keep the good work up!


      1. Sammi Hi I just found your Blog Please I am pressed for time and I need to touch base with you A>S>A>P My name is Robin Atteberry and I am a full time student you are the first person that I have found who is just like me please forgive the mess in my writing I am pressed for time I will get back to you soon dear please don’t freak out on this okay talk to you soon Robin Atteberry EMAILROBIN.ATTEBERRY1@student.ctuonline.edu


  2. Hi Sam. Just came across your blog. I am a writer as well and suffer from much the same things as you do. I love your articles as I find them so relatable. Personally writing from me has always been therapeutic and I get the feelig that it is the same with you. Hope to see more great content from you. Keep at it.


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