About Sammi Says

Hello, and thank you for checking out my advice blog!

My name is Sammi, and I am a writer. I have been since I can remember, creating stories on summer days as a child, reporting for my high school newspaper, singing poetry in my room at night. My life consists of scattered chapters and rash quotes.

I struggle with OCD and severe anxiety, making me an empath–someone who feels another’s pain, cries another’s tears. All I wish to do is help others, specifically through my passion and love for writing.

Here, I will post uplifting self-help articles at least once a week. You can use the categories tab to navigate your way through the site. I will also answer any questions in my “Sammi Says” category, which is my advice column. If interested, send questions to me through the “Contact” section under “Pages.”

Please feel free to recommend any blog topic you wish to read. I will do my best to cover it.



8 thoughts on “About Sammi Says

  1. Am glad I came across your Blog. Was searching to read on something about CSR and that how i found this blog. And am impressed with the topics you have covered.

    Be blessed keep the good work up!


      1. Sammi Hi I just found your Blog Please I am pressed for time and I need to touch base with you A>S>A>P My name is Robin Atteberry and I am a full time student you are the first person that I have found who is just like me please forgive the mess in my writing I am pressed for time I will get back to you soon dear please don’t freak out on this okay talk to you soon Robin Atteberry EMAILROBIN.ATTEBERRY1@student.ctuonline.edu


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